Talented Tenth Speakers Fact & Bio Sheets 


SONS Outreach has been blessed to host numerous community professionals and presenters that have come to share their time and talent to inspire our Talented Tenth students to be the best they can be. Below are several fact sheets with information about speakers that have presented with us. The sheets were provided to all of our Talented Tenth students to give context and background to the speaker’s lives while also providing important advice for careers and life. Please enjoy this information at your leisure and be inspired by what you read!

Additionally, if you want to learn more about the SONS Talented Tenth program and get your 8th-12th grader involved in career readiness and college preparation, please contact executive director Tyrone Burrell at (810) 334-6710.

2018 Talented Tenth Speakers and Presenters

Josh Sabo

The Industry

Deb Roshak


Maria Webb


Chemical Bank Speakers