The mission of SONS is to disciple urban youth and to positively influence their families and environment through programs and activities centered in the person, purpose and power of the Lord Jesus Christ.


We are committed to the spiritual growth, academic excellence and social development of our community’s youth.


Our strategy is providing children and teens multiple entry level touch points of relational and/ or recreational activities with the purpose of recognizing those demonstrating good character, faithfulness and commitment. They will be led into a more specific discipleship and leadership development program. These students would find opportunity’s to serve and grow in the organization as helpers, leaders and mentors. They will be the first in line for available internships, scholarships, stipends, special field trips and other incentives. The spiritual growth of these students would strengthen the effectiveness of the ministry and expand capacity to transform our community.

A hub for Kingdom impact would be the results of relationships strategically connected and cultivated with both local and state wide Christ –Centered, cutting edge youth leaders and organizations. Outreaches would benefit from the experience of multiplied years of men and women serving in the kingdom.

Program Goals 5 years

  1. Reach as many children as possible in the Blue Water area with the good news of the gospel.
  2. Raise up to 200 disciples of the Lord who are then able to impact and influence their world
  3. Create a hub of regional empowerment for Kingdom Impact

Fund Development Goals

  1. Finish 2017 $30,000 in the black
  2. Complete feasibility study for $700,000 building project.
  3. Publish a monthly newsletter for donor base with giving envelopes
  4. Continued development and execution of the Booster strategy
  5. Recruit a special 6 member fund development team